Huirong Le Professor

Principal Investigator, Director of the Future Materials Design Research Centre, The Future Lab, Tsinghua University


Professor Le is a principal investigator of The Future Laboratory of Tsinghua University, engaged in biomimetic nanocomposites, multifunctional surface coatings, lightweight fiber-reinforced composites and digital manufacturing research.

Professor Le was admitted to the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Tsinghua University in 1985 majoring in inorganic non-metallic materials, received a bachelor's degree of engineering in 1989, and received a doctorate in engineering in March 1994. Prior to returning to Tsinghua University, he joined the University of Surrey in 1996, then the University of Cambridge in 1997 as a postdoctoral researcher. He was promoted to Senior Research Associate at Cambridge in 2000. He became a lecturer at the University of Dundee in 2005, then an associate professor at Plymouth University in 2011 and then professor at the University of Derby in 2015. He has led or participated in about twenty research projects funded by EU, EPSRC and Innovate UK and published over 120 scientific papers. Professor Le became a Member of Tribology Group Committee of the Institution of the Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) In March 2015, Fellow of the Institution of Materials Minerals and Mining (FIMMM) in July 2018 and Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (FIMechE) in October 2018. He was awarded the Best Paper Award by the Journal of Tribology of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) in 2003 and the Best Presentation Certificate in the 2nd International Conference on Materials and Design in 2020 (MatDes2020).

Recent Publications

1. C.H. Deng*, H. M. Hu*,  H. Yu, M. Y. Ci,  M. Wang, H. Le. "1D hierarchical CdS NPs/NiO NFs heterostructures with synergistic enhanced photocatalytic activity under visible light". Advanced Powder Technology, 31(2020), 3158-3167.

2. Marzena Pawlik, Yiling Lu, Huirong Le*. The Interplay of Surface Modifications with GNPs Reinforced Epoxy Adhesive Joint of Aluminium Alloys, International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives, 99 (2020), paper no. 102591. 

3. Ranj Nadhim Salaie, Alexandros Besinis, Huirong Le, Christopher Tredwin, Richard D. Handy*. The biocompatibility of silver and hydroxyapatite coatings on titanium dental implants with human primary osteoblast cells. Materials Science and Engineering: C-Materials for Biological Applications 107 (2020), paper no. 110210.

4. Urvashi F. Gunputh, Huirong Le*, Alexandros Besinis, Christopher Tredwin and Richard D. Handy*. Antibacterial properties of in-situ grown silver nanoparticles anchored by titanium dioxide nanotubes on titanium implant against Staphylococcus aureus. Nanotoxicology, 14(2020) 97-110.

5. K. Lawton, H. R. Le*, C. Tredwin, R. Handy*. Carbon nanotube-reinforced hydroxyapatite nanocomposites as bone implants: nanostructure, mechanical strength and biocompatibility. International Journal of Nanomedicine, 14 (2019) 7949-7962. 

6. Marzena Pawlik, Huirong Le, Yiling Lu*. Effects of the graphene nanoplatelets reinforced interphase on mechanical properties of carbon fibre reinforced polymer – a multiscale modelling study. Composite Part B: Engineering, 177 (2019), paper no. 107097.

7. Maozhou Meng, Andrew Leech, Huirong Le*. Mechanical properties and tribological characterisation of electroless nickel phosphorous coatings on iron-based corrosion resistant alloys under ultrahigh contact stresses. Tribology International, 139 (2019) 59-66.

8. Hanmei Hu, Chonghai Deng, Man Wang; Jiayi Xu; Yiping Wu; Qiang Dong; Huirong Le. Facile template-free synthesis of hierarchically porous NiO hollow architectures for high-efficiency adsorptive removal of Congo red. Journal of Porous Materials, 26 (2019), 1743-1753.

9. Urvashi F. Gunputh, Alexandros Besinis, Huirong Le*, Christopher Tredwin and Richard D. Handy. Multi-layered composite coatings of titanium dioxide nanotubes decorated with zinc oxide and hydroxyapatite nanoparticles: Controlled release of Zn and antimicrobial property against Staphylococcus aureus. International Journal of Nanomedicine, 14 (2019) 3583-3600. 

10. Changan Tian*, Dongdong Ji, Jie Yang, Jinsong Xie, Qiyi Yin, Huirong Le*. Synthesis and characterization of W and Ba co-doped La2Mo2O9 by sol-gel process for solid oxide fuel cells. Journal of Rare Earths, 37 (2019), 984-988. 

11. U Gunputh, H. R. Le*, R Handy, C Tredwin. Anodised TiO2 nanotubes as a scaffold for antibacterial silver nanoparticles on titanium implant. Materials Science & Engineering: C- Materials for Biological Applications, 91(2018) 638-644. 

12. Hanmei Hu*, Jian Wang, Chonghai Deng*, Xiaoyu Zhou, Cheng Niu, Huirong Le. Microwave-assisted controllable synthesis of hierarchical CuS nanospheres displaying fast and efficient photocatalytic activity. Journal of Materials Science, 53 (2018) 14250-14261. 

13. H. M. Hu*, J. J. Xu, C. H. Deng, M. Wang, X. Y. Zhou and H. R. Le. 3D multilayered Bi4O5Br2 nanoshells displaying excellent visible light photocatalytic degradation behavior for resorcinol. IET Micro & Nano Letters, 13(2018) 1121-1125. 

14. Hanmei Hu*, Man Wang, Chonghai Deng*, Jianli Chen, Aiguo Wang , Huirong Le. Satellite-like CdS nanoparticles anchoring onto porous NiO nanoplates for enhanced visible-light photocatalytic properties. Materials Letters, 224(2018) 75-77. 

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19. R. Sieh, H. R. Le*, "Non-Cyanide Electrodeposited Ag–PTFE Composite Coating Using Direct or Pulsed Current Deposition ", MDPI Coatings, 2016. doi: 10.3390/coatings6030031.

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